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Important Information for your Protection

Legal Status

I am an independent financial services provider  and run my practice as a one-man business / sole proprietor, and am the Key Individual thereof.

I accept responsibility for my legal actions and the advice rendered by me to you, provided that the information furnished by you to me and on which my advice is based, is complete, truthful, accurate and correct. Information means information that is within your personal knowledge or can reasonably be considered to be within your personal knowledge.

Fedhealth paid more than 30% of my income during the preceding 12 months. No conditions or restrictions have been imposed on me by any product supplier. I do not hold any financial or other interest or share in any product supplier.


I am a category I Financial Services Provider and therefore without a Compliance Officer and am the person internally responsible for the compliance function pertaining to all legal requirements.

Product Suppliers and Authorised Financial Services

I am an authorised intermediary for a number of medical schemes and other financial product suppliers and am also licenced to give advice regarding their products. A full list is is available on request.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

I hold professional indemnity insurance: Policy no: B/AMO/15/0593c


I have an established written internal complaint resolution system with detailed procedures in place, a copy of which is filed on my website. See Scienda, Of this That and the Other, Complaints.

Signing of Incomplete Documents

You are hereby advised and cautioned that neither I nor any other person acting on my behalf may request you to sign any written or printed form or document unless all details required to be inserted thereon by you or on your behalf have already been inserted.

Waiver of Rights

You are hereby advised that neither I nor a representative of mine or any other person may ask you or offer any inducement to you to waive any right or benefit conferred on you by or in terms of any provision of the General Codes of Conduct.

A copy of the Code of Conduct is available on request.


Please be aware when completing any documentation or providing any information, that all material facts must be accurately and properly disclosed. You are entirely responsible for the accuracy and completeness of all answers, statements or other information provided by you or on your behalf.

This is applicable to any application, proposal, order, instruction or other contractual information that is required to be completed for, or submitted to a product supplier by you or on your behalf, that relates to the purchase of or investment in any financial product, including any amendment thereof or variation thereto.

A misrepresentation, non-disclosure of a material fact or the inclusion of incorrect information could result in the cancellation of the transaction or contract, by the product supplier.

All your information that I am privy to, shall remain confidential unless:
01   You provide written consent to me to disclose such information;
02   I am required by any law to disclose such information;
03   You authorise me by implication to disclose such information e.g. when I lodge an application with a product supplier on your behalf.

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