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I am sure you will also point out a flat tyre to someone

A few years ago, whilst I was waiting at a garage in Kimberley for the attendant to fill up my car with petrol, a slovenly looking man came up to me. Just as I thought he wanted to beg something from me, he politely said: “Meneer…” pointing to the left rear wheel of my car.

The tyre was almost completely flat. I thanked him from the bottom of my heart, because if he didn’t draw my attention to it, I would have driven off, only to be forced to stop two kilometers further down the road to change the wheel and fit the spare. And this on an extremely busy road with dangerously little space for such an unpleasant activity.

The people at the garage kindly fixed the flat tyre dirt-cheap and put the wheel back on in no time. What a pleasure! I would have liked to thank my well-doer once again for saving me from an embarrassing dilemma, but he had already vanished out of sight.

All he did — without expecting anything in return — was to bring an existing problem or need facing me and of which I was totally unaware, to my attention.  He unselfishly and sincerely looked after my interests.  

Now I humbly ask you to do likewise

It is quite shocking to realise how many people don’t belong to a medical scheme, or is on the wrong option or has no supplementary cover. Or to try to go it alone without professional help from a specialist health care broker. The worst is they will only realise they have a flat tyre when it’s too late.

Warn them, so they can do something about it before a devastating illness, accident or assault strike them down. Not only for their sake, but also for the sake of your own conscience and peace of mind.

Tell your parents, children, brothers, sisters, family, colleagues, customers, clients, patients, friends, even your enemies, about me, so I can help them to join the right medical scheme, or perhaps change to a better option, or take out the most appropriate supplementary cover. And also to assist them with existing and possible future problems. In fact, to help them to fix their flat tyres in time.

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